This NIP is not yet in main. Here is an overview of PRs referencing this NIP.
NIP-25 addition: Client may specify suggested reactions OPEN @timrmaurer
Change wording to imply that reactions can target any event MERGED @nikolat
Add "s" tag to reactions OPEN @arthurfranca
NIP-25: Handle empty string as + MERGED @benthecarman
Fix typo MERGED @AsaiToshiya
NIP-25 content might be NIP-30 custom emoji MERGED @mattn
Reactions: require explicit like/dislike for emoji reactions CLOSED @Aliervo
Implement Markdownlint GitHub action OPEN @mariano-perez-rodriguez
Markdown improvements, embelishments, and standardizations CLOSED @mariano-perez-rodriguez
fix grammar and typos MERGED @vivganes
Update all NIPs to include 'depends' and 'mentions' tags OPEN @blakejakopovic
Make kind 7 act as parameterized repleaceable event CLOSED @arthurfranca
NIP-25: allow for emojis to be considered dislikes MERGED @benthecarman interepreted ==> interpreted MERGED @RandyMcMillan
reactions: we should be able to react to any note MERGED @jb55
NIP-25: Reactions MERGED @jb55