This NIP is not yet in main. Here is an overview of PRs referencing this NIP.
merge nips 12, 16, 20 and 33 into nip 01 MERGED @fiatjaf
Add PRE exception to NIP-22 OPEN @arthurfranca
NIP-81 - Event Copy CLOSED @arthurfranca
Implement Markdownlint GitHub action OPEN @mariano-perez-rodriguez
Markdown improvements, embelishments, and standardizations CLOSED @mariano-perez-rodriguez
fix grammar and typos MERGED @vivganes
Update all NIPs to include 'depends' and 'mentions' tags OPEN @blakejakopovic
NIP-22: use nip-20; minor updates MERGED @jeffthibault
Note on nip-22 about moving old posts to a new relay MERGED @mikedilger
NIP-22: add note about lower limit CLOSED @jeffthibault
NIP-22: event created_at limits MERGED @jeffthibault
add nip22: unacceptable event created_at field CLOSED @jeffthibault