This NIP is not yet in main. Here is an overview of PRs referencing this NIP.
Add auctions to NIP-15. OPEN @ibz
Unlimited quantity possible in NIP-15. MERGED @ibz
Add description to event 30019 MERGED @talvasconcelos
Nip15 shipping cost per product MERGED @ktecho
Adding (optional) shipping costs per product to nip-15 CLOSED @ktecho
merge nips 12, 16, 20 and 33 into nip 01 MERGED @fiatjaf
Add 30019 OPEN @talvasconcelos
fix: Updating links in NIP-15 to point to intended other NIPs. MERGED @jimbojw
Rename countries to regions. MERGED @ibz
Implement Markdownlint GitHub action OPEN @mariano-perez-rodriguez
Markdown improvements, embelishments, and standardizations CLOSED @mariano-perez-rodriguez
fix typos MERGED @mattn
nip-15 typo + micro-fix MERGED @ktecho
NIP-15 must be mandatory CLOSED @sepehr-safari
make NIP-15 mandatory CLOSED @sepehr-safari
Update all NIPs to include 'depends' and 'mentions' tags OPEN @blakejakopovic
NIP-15 Nostr marketplace MERGED @arcbtc
finalize some NIPs we will not change anymore MERGED @fiatjaf
NIP15: End of Stored Events Notice MERGED @Semisol