This NIP is not yet in main. Here is an overview of PRs referencing this NIP.
Adding Nostore to NIP-07 extension list. MERGED @ursuscamp
NIP-07: Clarify Unsigned Event Object type MERGED @mikeobank
added nodestr to nip07 providers MERGED @Egge7
add to nip-07 MERGED @nostrband
NIP44 encryption standard, revision 3 OPEN @paulmillr
Introduce NIP-44 encryption standard CLOSED @staab
NIP-07: switching accounts OPEN @pavanjoshi914
Update Implementation MERGED @haorendashu
Fix Alby description in NIP-07 MERGED @akiomik
NIP-07:  add new signer. Android, IOS, Extension MERGED @heipacker
Add new signing extension to NIP-07 MERGED @neilck
Add user experience recommendation about NIP-07 OPEN @vivganes
NIP-07 friendly description OPEN @elidyweaver
Implement Markdownlint GitHub action OPEN @mariano-perez-rodriguez
Markdown improvements, embelishments, and standardizations CLOSED @mariano-perez-rodriguez
Update all NIPs to include 'depends' and 'mentions' tags OPEN @blakejakopovic
doc: add `horse` extension for NIP07 MERGED @motorina0
Add browsers to the extension list MERGED @chmac
NIP-07: Add NIP-26 createDelegation function OPEN @joshr4
Delegation support in NIP-07 OPEN @ursuscamp
Add method for deriving an HMAC key from the private key. OPEN @cmdruid
nip-07: add the missing functions MERGED @x1ddos