This NIP is not yet in main. Here is an overview of PRs referencing this NIP.
find tag by name CLOSED @mattn
make it clear that relays can keep multiple replaceable event versions MERGED @fiatjaf
Add the format of a-tags referring non-parameterized replaceable events MERGED @jiftechnify
fix typo MERGED @mattn
Fix typo CLOSED @mattn
Consistency and small refinements for NIP-01 MERGED @viktorvsk
merge nips 12, 16, 20 and 33 into nip 01 MERGED @fiatjaf
Update MERGED @lyager
Clarify sort order when specified limit MERGED @AsaiToshiya
NIP-01: add detailed description of since/until in filters MERGED @jiftechnify
NIP-01: Explicitly state that the `subscription_id` is treated per connection MERGED @darashi
Clarify the case-sensitivity of tag names MERGED @jiftechnify
Add a naming convention of object keys for kind 0 CLOSED @akiomik
Clarify JSON serialization for the `id` field OPEN @Semisol
Allow array of filters in REQs CLOSED @tcheeric
Minor edit: specify the unit of the filters' date attributes (seconds) MERGED @tcheeric
3% Byte Reduction in a High Data Load CLOSED @dfralan
Corrected a typo, issue #584 MERGED @Memory-of-Snow
Add description for clients to kind 1 MERGED @AsaiToshiya
"c" for content-type CLOSED @mattn
 #584 issue: Update CLOSED @Drugjudy
Fix link to NIP-10 MERGED @AsaiToshiya
A few changes to some nips. MERGED @unclebob
NIP-01 Rephrase Markdown special rule MERGED @schmijos
Uncle Bob's Theory of Operation CLOSED @unclebob
Link to NIP-10 from NIP-01 MERGED @michaelhall923
Implement Markdownlint GitHub action OPEN @mariano-perez-rodriguez
Markdown improvements - 01 CLOSED @mariano-perez-rodriguez
Markdown improvements, embelishments, and standardizations CLOSED @mariano-perez-rodriguez
Fix a typo; now types are EVENT, EOSE and NOTICE MERGED @darashi
Revert 'add NOTICE optional subscription_id' MERGED @Semisol
add optional subscription_id to NOTICE MERGED @pablof7z
remove tiny duplicate text MERGED @sepehr-safari
NIP-01: Specify canonical JSON for id derivation OPEN @shafemtol
Update NIP-01 to clarify pubkey reference MERGED @schmijos
Improve `` specification MERGED @mikeobank
Added clarification for signature to be in hex MERGED @jimmysong
Update NIP-01 to clarify since and until filters MERGED @regexbuster
NIP 1: Hashtags CLOSED @dkobia
LUD-01: fix typo for the desc of event kind 2 MERGED @hsjoberg
Remove username pattern requirements MERGED @staab
Minor grammar fixes MERGED @git-sgmoore
Clarify use of kind 1 and kind 1000-10000 MERGED @staab
Reword NIP-01 to clarify no line breaks. MERGED @mikedilger
Fix regex for SetMetadata in NIP1 MERGED @w3irdrobot
fix indentation MERGED @dzdidi
Fix typo on NIP 01 MERGED @dzdidi
a warning for future nip designers CLOSED @Giszmo kind: 0 - set_metadata conform to a standard event CLOSED @RandyMcMillan
Fix some typos and adds json type to code blocks in nip 1 MERGED @emeceve
clarify that tags may contain `null` strings CLOSED @Giszmo
update to nip01 to specify syntax for usernames. MERGED @unclebob